Ruto App Refer & Earn – Earn Free 500 Rs Paytm Cash

Ruto is app Which provides the best app you can rely on for real-time GPS navigation & lets you search for and discover facilities & offers in your trip! Ruto help you plan a drive through the great highways of India. You can plan your stops for a hot cup of tea/coffee (Cafe), delicious food & some hot piping biriyani (Restaurant), fuel for the car/motorcycle (Gas Station), cash for emergency situations (ATM) or even a nice cozy bed to rest (Hotel). Currently Ruto Offering a Promotional Offer by Refer & Earn Program. Here you can get Flat Rs 11 on Each Referral. And you can redeem this Ruto Cash on Paytm. No minimum Amount is required for Redemption.

Ruto App Referral Link-

You can download from given link to get Free Rs 11 Paytm Cash. Click on Download button and register with your mobile no and Get Free Rs 11 Paytm Cash.

Ruto “Refer & Earn” Program Terms & Conditions-

The Ruto “Refer & Earn” program allows you to earn Paytm cash by referring Ruto App to friends.

To participate in this program, you must agree to the following terms.

OfferRuto Refer & Earn
What You Will Get On SignUpRs 11 Paytm Cash
What you will Get on Friends PurchaseRs 25 Paytm Cash

How do I invite friends?

  • To refer friends, go to the “Refer & Earn” section in the Ruto app. Then tap on “REFER AND EARN” button to share your unique referral link to your friends.
  • Please note that “Refer & Earn” should be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes, and only shared with personal connections that will appreciate receiving these invitations.
  • You cannot invite yourself.
  • You cannot invite anyone who uses the same mobile device as you.
  • You cannot distribute your referral link on sites where you are not the primary content owner (e.g. Wikipedia/Coupon Websites)
  • You cannot promote your invite code via search engine marketing (e.g. Google AdWords/Yahoo/Bing)

ruto refer and earn

Can I invite a friend from a different country?

  • No you cannot, you can invite anyone only within India. The referral program is only valid within India.
  • I have sent the referral link. When will I get Paytm Cash?
  • If the referral is valid then Rs.11 Paytm Cash will be credited to your account within 48 hrs after the friend signs up.
  • You will get Rs.25 Paytm Cash each time when your referred friend visits Highway Restaurant & uploads valid bill through Ruto app. Paytm Cash will be credited to you within 48 hrs after the friend uploads the bill.


This Paytm cash will not be deducted from your Ruto money.


What qualifies as a Valid Referral?

A referral qualifies as valid: For a given mobile number, the referred friend installs the Ruto app for the first time.

If a user uninstalls the app and then installs the app again, then it does not qualify for referral.

If a user switches phone and installs the app on the new phone, then it does not qualify for referral.

The user has not already signed up with another Ruto account on the same device.


How many friends can I invite?
What is the maximum Paytm cash that I can earn through this program?

You can invite upto 50 friends as valid referrals, but the maximum Paytm cash you can earn at any point of time through the “Refer & Earn” program is Rs. 550 overall through referring friends & Rs.12,500 overall through continuously earning (each restaurant visit your friends make). A total of Rs.13,000.

When your friend Ruto Money balance becomes zero you won’t get Rs.25 Paytm cash through “Refer & Earn” program continuous earning.

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