Best Treadmills In India 2019 : Top Selected + Full Satisfaction

Being healthy is very important in these days when it is difficult to breathe out in the polluted city. To be healthy you must be running every day.

Considering this here we are listing the best treadmills in India to keep you healthy.

NO matter how old you are and what work you do. In this stressful life, we must be exercising every day to keep our mind active and fresh.

You can buy any of these treadmill listed below according to your requirements. All these are listed after a lot of analysis by our expert team to make easy for you to choose.

Treadmills are used for many purposes, you can walk, jog and run on your desired speed. All you have to set the KM and timing of your exercise so that it can be easily stopped.

Taking home a treadmill is a big advantage because you can keep it any place where you want. You can use it anytime according to your work and schedule.

If you are looking for opening a GYM then these are the best treadmills for the long run.

And if not, lets you have a treadmill at your house to be fit and to save money in the long run. Lets Read some characteristics of Best Treadmill.

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Characteristics Of Good Treadmill

  1. The first thing about treadmills is easy to use. No matter how old are you it is best for all age people.
  2. Safety measures are made after a long analysis so that no one can get harm.
  3. Easy to set the machine for several purposes like to walk, jog or for running.
  4. You can also set your speed on the treadmill for your ease for exercise.
  5. Lifetime frame warranty makes sure the quality of the treadmill so that you can have it for the long run.
  6. Free installation by the company at home.
  7. Speakers and USB port and you can preset the programs.
  8. To keep you Fit is the most important characteristic of the treadmill. Being healthy is the source of Happiness.

Below I am going to list the 10 best treadmills in India you can buy online.

Tap on the buy button given below for each treadmill and lets you have fitness equipment at your house to make you healthy and happy.


What Things We Must Check Before Buying A Treadmill In India?

Guys here are some of the important things you have to keep in mind before you go for buying the best treadmill in India 2019.


1. Warranty Period of the Treadmill :

Guys before you buy a treadmill for your home you must consider its warranty period.

Warranty is a time period in which if your product gets damaged or does not function well can be replaced.

In most of the treadmill brands, there is a lifetime frame warranty, at least 3 years motor warranty, 1-year parts, and labor warranty.

Warranty make sure product safety because if any damage takes place while the warranty period the company will replace or repair the product as soon as possible.

In warranty, you can claim to the brand if your treadmill does not function well.

If any parts get damaged or you need any labor work then you can ask for support to the company.


2. Price Of Treadmill :

I do not think you guys do not think about money before you go for buying something. Am I right? Everyone wants a worthy product that can make the money used for the right thing.

There is a price limit for every product in the market but sometimes being the lucky one you can buy the product in less than the market.

This happens when offers are live for sale days. Before you buy something you must check the product price on different platforms so that you have an idea of the real price.

Many times we get the product at such prices which does not seems to be worthy. This happens when we do not have an idea about the product real price.

I would suggest, go for the price check on different platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and others.

Compare it with the price you are buying and make the right decision.


3. Functionality:

The functionality of the treadmill is for a long time but sometime you may get the wrong product.

So before you go for buying a treadmill you must check the reviews of the product by the customers who bought before.

There is a free installation service all over India by most of the brands. At the time of installation, you must check the functionality of the treadmill.

Ask for the check-up by the serviceman. You also check whether the product is damaged or any part is missing. Otherwise, you will not be able to claim once the product is shipped at your home.

Well, all the listed product below are listed by a product expert. So there is very less chance of getting a bad product.


4. Durability:

How long-lasting is the product is?

Answer this question and you will know what durability refers to when we talk about a product. This is one of the most important things you must keep in your mind.

You are buying the treadmill in thousand of rupees and you must check whether you are making the right decision or not.

Warranty period makes an idea of how much the product will not get damaged or stop functioning.

Because brands are confident with their products that it will not damage in a certain period of time.

Well, we can not sure about this But you must go for the things listed below to check the durability of your treadmill.


4. Control:

Easy control means easy to handle and use. Go for the control check-up before buying the treadmill because if you are not able to control it you can get harmed by it.

You must ask to make you understand by the serviceman about the control panel and how you can use it.

There are every aged people in a family and it is not easy for everyone to control or use the same thing.

So before you go for purchasing check the controls system so that your all family can use it easily.

Always look for the emergency button on the treadmill because sometimes while exercising we get that much tired that we don’t have the energy to change the speed or time from the LCD display.


5. Weight Capacity:

Keeping all features in mind you can not ignore this feature. Weight capacity is one of the most important thing you should consider.

Your treadmill must be able to hold 20kg more than your current weight because while running due to the velocity and gravity factor your weight increase in treadmill frame of reference.

There are many best treadmills in India who make clear instructions about the user’s weight who were going to use the treadmill.

You will see in one of the treadmills listed below there are weight restrictions with the speed.

Like 90kg person can walk, 65 kg person can jog and below can run on the treadmill.


6. Who Can Use It?

Go for a check-up whether the product can be used by all your family members or only for a certain age group.

You will get all the instruction in the instruction book or the serviceman will let you know about the treadmill.


7. Easy Maintainance & Mobility:

There must be a Hydraulic system for easy folding and unfolding of the treadmill.

For maintenance point of view, you must check the semi-auto lubrication on the treadmill to keep it safe for a long time.


8. Specification & Features:

All the above points are considered as features and specifications. Check all features and specifications like

  1. LCD Display
  2. Heart rate sensor
  3. Speed
  4. Time
  5. Preset Programs
  6. Hydraulic System
  7. Inclination System
  8. Surface area
  9. Mode
  10. Fit App connects your Phone
  11. MP3 speaker
  12. USB/AUX port


9. Treadmill Product Material:

Belt material is the main part to look at because of some time you got stuck while running or jogging.

This happens because there is no air gap in between the legs pam and the floor.

Factory price wear-resistant PVC belt material black running diamond 3 ply conveyor belting for the treadmill is the best-known material.

So make sure to look at all the parts and belt so that you can use your treadmill as you wished for.


10. Seller Background and Brand:

Here all is about the brand. There are 100 brands out there in the market and each claims to be the best.

But you can have an idea of the brand from the reviews and its name.

Those brands are very popular are good because they have gained that much love from the audience out in the market.

While taking it online you must check the seller genuinely.

Or contact a reviewer who had already bought the same product from the same person. And ask for help to let you know about the seller.


11. Safety:

Coming to the last and the most important is your safety. If you will be safe after using the treadmill then you worth buying it.

You have to look at all safety measures after buying it. Below I will let you know how you can use the treadmill and answer some of the FAQs generally asked by users.

Stay tuned till the last section so that I can help you in finding the best treadmills in India 2019.


List of Best Treadmills In India 2019


Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Treadmill – Best for intense as well as comfort workout

Powermax Fitness TDM-98

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Powermax Fitness TDM-98 is first in the series because this treadmill is best at such price. It’s lightweight, foldable and display feature makes it extra cool and easy to use.

We always go to things which are easy and safe to use.

Some of the things need to be easy and less complex to understand so that they can complete the requirements of every age people.

Like in your family Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband everyone needs to be fit. But what if you have new fitness equipment at home which is suitable only for husband and wife.

Caring all is the source of happiness and Powermax Fitness TDM-98 is caring for all fitness by providing features which can be used by all age group.

Children’s can run, Guardians can walk and Middle-aged can jog on this. Doesn’t it seem to be cool and fit for a family?

In this list of best treadmills in India, you must read all the pros and cons listed below to help you in selecting the best treadmill.

Features of Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Treadmill

  • The motor is 1.75 HP DC.
  • TDM-98 is very lightweight.
  • Foldable Motorised treadmill best for Cardio workout at home.
  • TDM-98 provides a lifetime warranty for the framework, 3-year warranty for the motor and 1 year for parts and labor warranty.
  • 5.5-inch display makes it digital where you can set the speed, time and can see your calories burned, heart rate and KM.
  • Max 90kg of users can use TDM-98 treadmill.
  • Speed range is 1-10KM.
  • Caste steel resistance shock absorption system.
  • 90-degree foldable and manual lock system.



Best Treadmill In This Price

Good enough for walking at 6km/hr.

The speakers are of good quality and it was a great experience to listen to music while running.


Not good for running. It’s not that strong. And no space for fast running.

It doesn’t have any cushioning effect.


Powermax Fitness TDM-97 Treadmill – ( TDM – 98 Is Modified Version Of TDM -97)

Powermax Fitness TDM-97

Amazon Buy Button

Now moving to the second in the list we found Power Fitness TDM-97 as the second-best treadmill in India.

The above TDM -98 treadmill is the latest and modified version of TDM -97.

The major difference you will get in HP of the treadmill. TDM – 97 is only 1.5 HP DC motorized and on the other hand TDM – 98 is 1.75 HP DC motorized Treadmill.

Due to this motor factor, Powermax Fitness TDM-97 treadmill is in lesser price as compared to Powermax Fitness TDM -98 Treadmill.

To see the price difference you can click on the Buy button given above. And do also compare the other features and specification for your full satisfaction.

Both the above are best treadmills in India on their price and manufactured by the same brand.

So the conclusion is if you are looking for more HP DC treadmill then go for the first one otherwise second is also best fit for the price.

Features Of Powermax Fitness TDM – 97 Treadmill

  • 1.5 HP DC motor is fitted in TDM 97 treadmill.
  • Expect this all the other features are the same as TDM 98 treadmill.
Best In Such Price

Foldable and very compact Good for walking and

Running at 8 km speed

Belt width should have been a little more.

It’s very narrow.

The motor makes a bit of noise.

Doesn’t give much confidence at speeds greater than 8-9 km


Fitkit FT0200 2.25 HP – Best Known For Strongest Motor

Fitkit FT0200 2.25 HP

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It’s time for the third treadmill in the series to be introduced. Here Fitkit FT0200 is in one of the most powerful and strongest treadmills.

2.25 HP motorized auto lubricant and auto inclination makes it extra cool and differ it from other in the series.

No matter where you live the company will always be there for installation and setup.

Ft0200 treadmill with gree efficient 2.25 HP DC motor can accommodate any user from beginner to pro level. From walkers too, runners can use this treadmill very efficiently.

Wheels are made at the bottom so that it can be easily replaced. Auto lubrication, extra cooling fan, the easy foldable system makes best for use for all age group.

12 Preset workout programs make your routine to make sure good health and fitness.

You can also download it’s android and ios app for a daily routine checkup for fitness or for advice.

Features Of Fitkit FT0200 2.25 HP Treadmill

  • Free installation and service all over India.
  • One year warranty on both motor and parts.
  • LCD DISPLAY which shows heart rate, calories burned, time, preset programs, inclination, speed, mode, MP3 speakers, aux port and cable.
  • FITPLUS android and ios app.
  • 12 preset workout to make sure routine.
  • Green efficient 2.25 HP DC motor.
  • User weight capacity 110kg.
  • Speed range 1-16 KM
  • 48*16.53 inches, 1240*220 L*W surface area.
  • Easy 90-degree easy folding.
The build quality is up to the mark.

The electronic console has a nice blue-colored LED display.

The speakers in the console are loud enough.

Though the quality of sound is not great.

There is a massager also, which has LOW and HIGH settings, which govern the frequency of vibrations.

The USB connectivity is missing in the console.

Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP  (2 HP at peak) – Best For Selected Aged Grouped

Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP

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Let’s talk about the fourth in the series. Why is this in the fourth place? You must read below to figure out.

Actually, some of the features make it different from the above two are its weight capacity, warranty period, size of the LCD display and the speed limit.

Fitkit FT098 is also one of the most searched in best treadmills in India on the internet so that I thought to list it.

After analysis, I found the above difference and will explain you in details.

So here in this, the size of the LCD display will be changed from the above two. And mp3 speaker and a USB port make it extra cool.

All aged people can use the treadmill but there are some instructions which must be followed while using the treadmill.

Some estimation is made with the weight and uses.

90kg above or equal can walk, 65 for running. This happens because of the user weight increases while running on the treadmill by 20kg.

Features Of Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP Treadmill

  • 90-degree folding for space-saving and easy mobility.
  • MP3 speakers and USB port for external connectivity.
  • 1.5 HP but can be used up to 2 HP on the peak.
  • LCD display which shows heart rate, calories burned, speed, time of running, inclination setup, mode, aux port, and cable.
  • Warranty will be 1 year for the motor and 1 year for the parts.
  • Free installation will be done at your home as the treadmill will be shipped.
  • The speed limit is 1-12.5 kg
  • 12 preset programs for daily routine.
  • 47*15.74 inches, 1200 * 400 mm L*W surface area.
All tools to assemble are given.

Lubricant is given – Easy to assemble.

The display is big & visible

The belt is too loose and is thin.

The product is too light and is made of inferior quality material.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230 ( 2 HP ) – Best For Intense Workout

Powermax Fitness TDA-230

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Now moving to the 5th in the series of best treadmills in India. I am going to introduce you TDA 230 by Powermax.

Powermax has been one of the most famous brands when it comes to fitness.

It has launched a different series of treadmills like introduced you in the above article. So now I tell you in detail about Powermax fitness TDA – 230 2 HP.

Semi-Auto lubrication and 15 level auto lubrication makes it best for an intense workout.

These treadmills are basically used in GYMs where people used to run at 10KM or more.

Installation services are provided across India on selected Pincodes and charges may also apply. TDA – 230 may be the best if you are making a perfect body shape or bodybuilding.

Here are some key features are listed below to make you understand better.

Features Of Powermax Fitness TDA – 230 Treadmill

  • Lifetime frame warranty, 3 years motor warranty and 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • 2.0 HP DC green efficient motor
  • Semi-auto lubrication and 15 levels auto inclination for an intense workout.
  • 5 inch bright light LCD display to show heart rate, speed, time, calories burned, mode.
  • The max weight capacity is 115 kg.
  • The speed limit is 1 – 14 Km/h.
  • BMI Fat loss function and 12 preset programs and 5 target modes are available.
  • You can connect USB pen drive/cable to play music in Hi-fi Mp3 speaker.
  • Mobile and tablet holder to keep your devices safe while using the treadmill.
  • Hydraulic soft drop for easy folding and mobility.
  • 1260*420 surface area for exercising.
The easy to use HSS folding system.

Powerful motor, 99% all copper core, developed by the University of Munich.

Moisture Proof, water resistant and dustproof.


Speakers are not up to the mark

Rear wheels are small, so the incline is always +1 or 2

Powermax Fitness TDM – 100s (2 HP) – Best for Comfort Jogging

Powermax Fitness TDM-100S (2.0 HP)

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If you are looking for a treadmill with extra cool features then TDM – 100s may fit for you. Jumping wheels and soft flex springs makes it perfect fitness equipment for jogging purpose.

For old aged people TDM – 100s is best treadmills in India at such a reasonable price.

I will not surprised to know that why this on 6 no in the list.

This is because TDM -100s does not have that much features like above but the price is quite similar.

This series of treadmills are best treadmills in India 2019 and there are many brands who claim to be perfect but we have selected the best in best price.

You can buy any of these according to your requirements and demands.

Below I will let you the key features of Powermax Fitness TDM 100s treadmill to understand you better.

Features Of Powermax Fitness TDM – 100s 2 HP Treadmill

  • 2.0 HP DC Motor
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 3-year motor warranty, and 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • 5.5 inch LCD display to show heart rate, time, speed, calories burned, inclination level and mode.
  • 3 level inclination for an intense workout.
  • Jumping wheels and soft flex springs makes it more comfortable for jogging purpose.
  • Max weight capacity is 110 kg.
  • The speed limit is from 0.8 to 12.8 km/h.
  • Semi-auto lubrication for easy maintainanace.
  • Connect USB/Aux cable to play music.
  • Wheels for easy transportation.

It’s a pretty strong machine. Build quality is good and it could bear the weight of my brother easily (6.1FT, 87KG)
Size is perfect for in-home.
Don’t make a lot of noise.
And you could HEAR songs.


The only major issue with this product is user manual – it is not really good. So if the company is reading this review, could you please try to improve the user manual, please.
The music output isn’t really good – which isn’t a really big deal for me, but some might like the very good output.

Powermax Fitness TDM – 125S (2 HP) – Best For Cardio Workout

Powermax Fitness TDM-125S

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Now its times for best fitted for the cardio workout.

Many users use treadmills for a different purpose, some of them as listed above use it for walking, jogging, and many users use it for a cardio workout for their proper body fitness.

Cardio is a fat loss exercise which we do for shaping our body in the perfect shape. And TDM – 125S is basically designed for cardio workout plans.

If you are a fitness freak and you do cardio like running every day then TDM – 125S may be the lucky one to buy. Link is given above from where you can buy TDM Fitness treadmill.

As same as all features are also inbuilt in this treadmill by Powermax.

All above treadmills from Powermax are quite similar in their features except they are designed for.

The key feature which makes it different from other is its Smart run function. 

Feature Of Powermax Fitness TDM – 125S Treadmill

  • Smart Fun Function makes it different from each other.
  • Heart rate sensor on crossbar handle.
  • Except this two you can read all the features in TDM 230.

Value for money


Didn’t find any Cons

Powermax Fitness TDM – 100M ( 2 Hp ) – Best For Home Fitness

Powermax Fitness TDM-100M

Amazon Buy Button

Powermax has been always seemed to be best for producing the best treadmills in different prices. So there is one more for you.

Here I am introducing TDM – 100M 2 HP considered to be best for home fitness.

Teenagers can run, guardians can jog and old age people can walk on this very easily.

TDM – 100M is mainly made for family use where no intense workout required. Its multifunction system makes it perfect for preset programs.

Semi-lubrication for easy Maintainance. Massager and sit up bar makes it different from other treadmills. And dual spring shock absorption system protects from shocks.

In this budget, you can buy this for a home package. Everyone in the family can use the treadmill for a different purpose.

As TDM – 100M is also produced by Powermax Fitness Bran, so maximum features are same as TDM 230S.

Some of the features are different, I will list it below and if you are willing to buy TDM- 100M then click on the link above.

Features Of Powermax Fitness TDM – 100M Treadmill

  • 6 level manual incline for an intense workout if required.
  • Massager and sit up bar to feel the comfort.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 105 kg.
  • Remaining features you can read in the above section as shown in TDM – 125 S.

1.Very easy to assemble if you see the video from YouTube with basic knowledge.
2. Noiseless motor running.
3. Easily understandable illustration at the program mode and other modes.
4. Easy to operate old people like me. (60years).
5.Two separate cables, one for mill and another for massager.


Heartbeat measurement shows the wrong reading. (on comparing the price it is neglected).
Let us wait and see the durability of the machine for the upcoming days.

Healthgenie 4112M 4 HP 6 in 1 Motorized Treadmill – Free Tummy Twister, Dumbells, Sit-ups, and Resistant Tubes

Healthgenie 4112M, 6in1 Motorized Treadmill

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In the list of best treadmills in India, I am going to tell you about Healthgenie 4112M treadmill.

As you guys can see in the heading above where too many types of equipment are free for you.

Healthgenie is another one of the most famous brands well unknown for his fitness equipment.

Max of the treadmills of health genie is preinstalled but there will be an installation assistant provided for you.

4112M is in one of the strongest treadmills as you can see 4 HP 6 in 1 motorized motor is fitted in it.

Keeping these features aside remaining all features are same as that of Powermax Fitness Treadmills.

Free equipment will help you in building the perfect body you wished for. 4112M treadmill is providing a combo back for your fitness at home.

You do not need to go out for fitness training, you will have a fitness app on which you can see or set your regular routine of exercise to keep you fit and fresh.

Features Of Healthgenie 4112M 4 HP Treadmill

  • Healthgenie has preinstalled only 3 screws are there to fit further, that you can do by urself.
  • 2 HP DC motor (4 HP at peak) green efficient.
  • The speed limit is from 1 to 14 km/h
  • Here 6 in one refers to the combo pack of the treadmill and the equipment listed above.
  • The LCD display will be there to show all functionality as Powermax Fitness treadmills.

1. The belt width is just wide enough for a simple run, fast runs might become an issue as you will tend to have a broader belt for it.
2. The frame and the machine is overall sturdy, but on fast runs, it feels as if it might not be so stable, and the base starts making some noise
3. The design allows for enough absorption to control impact on knees
4. The customer support is helpful and tries to resolve the problem to the best and at the earliest
5. The belt alignment is an issue though – it is not as easy, as is suggested in the tutorial/ manual/ video



Fitkit FT063 1 Auto Inclination Treadmill – Best For Multifunction Performance

Fitkit FT063 7 in 1 Auto Incline Motorized Multi Functional Treadmill

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In the last of the series of Best treadmills in India 2019, I am listing Fitkit FT063 as one of the best. This is because of its multifunction performance.

1 level auto inclination system, LCD display, Weight capacity, F++ App, and much more things are there to convince you to buy this item for your home.

As many products are listed above of many brands such as Powermax Fitness and Fitkit itself.

But what makes them different from others? And why should people buy these?

All these questions may arise in your mind. But really do not worry, it is normal to think when we buy something.

All the treadmills listed above are having similar features but One feature makes them unique and creates a difference from each other.

FT063 is also one of them and having 1 level auto inclination makes it best for exercise purpose.

Features are quite similar to all the above treadmills.

Features Of Fitkit FT063 Auto Inclination Treadmill

  • Maximum user capacity is 120kg.
  • The hydraulic system makes easy to fold and unfold.
  • Remaining all features are the same.

How To Use Treadmill At Home (Home Training)?

Here I am going to share with you how I use my treadmill at home.

At first for safety measure, I would like to tell you that please switch off the plug after the use of the treadmill to prevent shocks.

Now coming on the main question “How to use the treadmill at home?”

It is easy but if you try without reading all the instructions in the book you may be harmed. Because once the treadmill is on you can not off the button at sudden.

So all you have to do is try for the first time at 3 km/h. It will be like walking than after some days when you have all knowledge of features inbuilt in it go for exercising.

Read all the functionality of all the features from the help book to make sure no harm to you or any damage to your treadmill.

You can also follow the steps below to operate your best treadmills in India.

Steps To Operate Treadmill

  1. Switch On the plug
  2. Now on your LCD display, you will see laps in the middle and speed and time at the right and left on the screen.
  3. On the above at right corner, you will have information about calories burned
  4. And on the left side, you will see the KM you have completed.
  5. An emergency button is inbuilt in the middle so that in an emergency when you lost the controls you can use it for instant stop.
  6. It is easy to understand how treadmill operates but do the practical very carefully.


Q 1. Does Running On  Treadmill Safe For Knees?

Ans – Running on an uneven surface may cause pain in the knees for a long time. But that does not mean you can run on even surface for a long time.

Anything in excess can harm you so running on a treadmill may also harm your knees if you are running for a long time like 1 hour or more.

So use it in a limit so that you get benefited not harm.

Q 2. Does treadmill help you in burning fat?

Ans – Ofcourse yes, running is an exercise which comes under cardio. Cardio is known for burning fat and taking you to the best outfit of your self.

Q 3. How Much Time Do We Use a Treadmill?

Ans – As I have explained above do not use the treadmill in excess because it can harm your knees. Use as it for regular exercise 20-30 minutes or less.

Q 4. How Much Time It Will Take To See The Results?

Ans – To see the results as sooner you have to add it in your regular routine. Routine keeps you fresh and your body will adopt the daily fat burn process and you will have good results as soon as possible.


As we discussed all the main features of treadmills. Now you can easily select any of the above treadmills for your home. I have told you about the different series of the treadmill which is for different purposes like intense workout or for comfort zone.

And in the last section, I have told you about some FAQs which are generally asked by users for safety purpose. Do read all the sections above comment, share and like below if you like it.

Rate us if you really feel like we are providing all the information to you.


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