Amazon Quiz Answers Today: Amazon 13th Feb Quiz Answers

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Amazon introduced a new concept of Quiz contest for the promotion of there upcoming Sales and Products. They are spending their money on promotion. Every second day Amazon has organized this contest and also display winner list. So here is a Good chance to win this Quiz contest.

This is App Only Contest. It means you can participate in this Contest by Amazon App Only. Make sure your app is updated. If you are the first-time Participant then you have to install Amazon App. After completing registration you can see Banner of Amazon App Only Quiz contest on the Home page.

Usually, it’s take long time to Give correct answers of a contest. But we are listing all Correct answers of Given Questions. You can complete this contest correctly by these questions in Few Seconds.lus

amazon app Quiz Contest

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Amazon 13th Feb Quiz Answer- Free Nokia 8.1

1. How many states and union territories does India comprise of?

Answer: 29 States And 7 Union Territories

2. What type of Government does India operate under?

Answer: Parliamentary

3. The deepest point on Earth lies 36,000 feet below sea level. Where can you find it?

Answer: Mariana Trench

4. Which of these Avengers superheroes is NOT from Earth?

Answer: Thor

5. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is a phrase that we commonly use. It is derived from the theories of which famous scientist?

Answer: Charles Drawin

How to Participate in Amazon App Quiz Contest?

Winner List of Amazon Quiz Contest-

After giving Correct Answers, every participant has a hope to win. This contest totally depends on your luck. So you can also be a winner. If you want to check the winner list then you can check it by Given link below.

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